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Land Rover Defender Solo Expedition Touring Vehicle

For those who love Land Rovers or are in the progress of kitting out your chosen vehicle for your own overlanding adventure this is your page! Here is the down and dirty list of all my vehicle modifications to make my Land Rover into a great touring vehicle.

My Defender is a 1993 200tdi 110 wagon. For the most part it is a stock standard vehicle, but I’ve added a few things over the years to improve reliability, performance and comfort.

The Defender is my vehicle of choice as it has no electrical computer controlling everything and its simple bolt together construction means there’s very little which can’t be fixed in the bush. I also love its simplistic rugged design.

List of modifications:



I’ve installed 2 fuel tanks totalling 185L of diesel. With average fuel consumption on road being around 10km/L I have an approximately 1800km range. Once fully laden at around 3 tonnes I get on average 8km/L giving a 1400km safe range. Additional jerry’s could be carried on board though it is unlikely I would ever need them.




As I travel solo I’ve invested in quality communication devices including an HF radio for long range communications and a personal EPIRB should the worst happen. The Spot messenger allows my location to be tracked online by family and friends as well as having a secondary EPIRB function built in as backup.

Pictures Of My Defender


  1. Hey mate! I’m just wondering, how much did all of this (other than the actual car) cost? And also how long it took you to deck it all out and do you reckon you could of finished it in less time?

    • Hi mate. A rough estimate would be around the $15000-20000 mark. Obviously the new gearbox, transfer case and 6 tyres added alot to the bill. It took me 3 years to get it to this stage. Probably could have completed it in a few months if I did it full time and had all the money available at one time to spend. Thanks

  2. Hey mate just wondered if you could give some ideas of were I should travel and the vehicle I should use as I don’t have one yet

    • hi mate. Any reliable 4×4 vehicle that you can afford and know how to service or repair while on the road is suitable for travelling most parts of Australia. Kit it out with a snorkel and carry some kind of winch for when you’re in trouble. As for where to go… stay tuned.. only started my trip 2 weeks ago. 😉

  3. Hi. You note you have HD front spring but what did you do in the rear. Did you consider poly air bag.

    • hi mate. I kept the rear springs stock 110 rears. Didn’t really think much more about poly bags. The car sits reasonably level fully loaded. Will see further on into the trip when I reach the rough tracks of SA.

  4. Hi mate I’m looking at a 200tdi defender with low k’s just wondering what you think about them? I know they are not fast but how did you find the torque? I’m currently driving a gu patrol and it’s just a bit fancy for me… If you had your time again would you choose a defender? I’ve always like them but a lot of people have a bad rap on them… Cheers mate…

    • hey mate. I find my Defender to be plenty good enough off road for the type of driving I do. I’d buy another no problems though would look at a 300tdi engine as parts and spare engines are much easier to come by. The 200tdi is quite rare. My only advice is to stick with original tyre size. I formerly had 265/75/16 tyres on and the engine wasn’t really powerful enough to turn them in deep sand or mud. I always struggled. Changing back down to 235/85/16 made the car perform way better off road. Just be willing to do a lot of preventative maintenance on a Defender to keep it in top shape.

  5. Nice setup mate, and on a reasonable budget too. I’ve always admired the Defender’s fuel economy. Our 80 Series Land Cruiser would struggle to get under 15 – 16L/100km!

    • Thanks Aaron. Yes I’m pretty happy how the fuel goes. Got a decent enough range to feel safe to explore a little further off track. I hope to make it over to WA in 2017 so your site is a great resource for planning. Thanks Brett

  6. Great stuff Brett! Look me up in Tasmania would love to catch up and have a chat about the ‘ journey’. J.

  7. Hi Brett, great defender you have there. what make are your roof bars? I’m after a pair similar to yours.

  8. Hi Brett, when are you going to put the next video on? great stuff, very enjoyable viewing.

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