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Defender Expedition Camper Review of Modifications

defender expedition

A Review of my Defender Modifications after 10 months on the road. After 10 months of travelling around Australia solo, going to some pretty remote places, hitting the deserts, gravel tracks, mud and bitumen, I am very happy overall with my modifications. I spent 3 years preparing my Defender with hundreds of hours of online research, and nights and weekends …

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Day 68 – Defender 4wd Group Weekend


One of my subscribers in Sydney told me about a facebook group for Land Rover Defender owners in the Sydney region to get together and do weekend trips. Was just my luck I was in town for the right weekend. A trip was planned and I was able to go along. Four Defenders turned up at Lithgow McDonalds for the …

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Defender Steering Guard – Frontal Protection

defender steering guard

To protect my steering linkages from damage during off-roading I installed a steering guard. A steering guard reduces the risk of damage to the Pitman arm, Drag link and steering damper, which are located at the front of the vehicle in harms way. Damaging these could see the vehicle stranded a long way from help. I chose an APT Fabrications …

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Defender Sill Fuel Tank Upgrade

lra defender sill tank

To increase my driving range between refueling stops I decided to install a sill tank on my Defender. From the available options I chose the Long Range Automotive 65L drivers side sill tank. I preferred the chamfered edge on this tank as it did not hang out as far as the 80L tanks also available. Long Range Automotive provided a …

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My Land Rover

Sundown NP Defender

Pictures of my Truck.

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Defender Rear Door Table – My Kitchen

defender rear door fold down table

When I’m hungry I want food now! Not in 3 minutes after I’ve set up my fold out table and dug through my tucker box to locate all my utensils… so I’ve built a rear door table on my Defender to act as my instant kitchen while travelling. I started off taking measurements of the rear door and my old …

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SuperPro Poly Bushes upgrade

defender superpro poly bushes

As the majority of my suspension bushes on my Defender came with the vehicle when I bought it 8 years ago, I thought it best to renew the whole lot. Doing my research as usual I came across SuperPro branded polyurethane bushes. SuperPro is considered the best of all the poly bush manufactures. They come highly recommended by almost all …

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Land Rover Defender Expedition Camper conversion – Part 3

defender dash

Defender Dash Upgrades In order to treat some surface rust on the firewall the dash was removed. This only took a few hours. It’s pretty straight forward with all screws and nuts easily accessible. Some are hidden behind badges which can be pried off with a screwdriver. I also replaced the broken plastic dash binnacle with a Raptor Binnacle. I …

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