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Defender Day 2016 AULRO Queensland

Defender Owners Unite Defender Day 2016 was held in October near the Scenic Rim by the Australian Land Rover Owners forum (AULRO.com). About 50 Defenders showed up for the day along with a Series Land Rover and a Uni-mog. A great turn out at a family and dog friendly event. Various sponsors provided prizes which were randomly drawn on a …

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Defender Breakdowns While Travelling and Bush Repairs

defender breakdowns

The Importance of Spare Parts & Bush Repairs When operating any 4×4 vehicle offroad for long periods in harsh conditions, it is inevitable that something will break. Despite spending 3 years preparing my Land Rover Defender and replacing many parts in preparation for my 10 month solo trip around Australia, I still encountered issues requiring repairs. Many of these repairs …

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Land Rover Defender Expedition Camper conversion – Part 6

Defender Expedition camper

My Defender Expedition Camper The final part of my Land Rover Defender Expedition Camper conversion is complete. It has been almost exactly 3 years since I began working on my car in preparation for my 12 month trip around Australia. I didn’t have any real plan when I started, just some ideas. The Defender however has come along very well …

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Defender Rock Sliders Upgrade

Defender Rock Sliders

I installed a pair of Defender Rock Sliders, also known as side rails , to improve protection of my bodywork while off-roading. They are designed to replace the standard aluminium sills thus they do not affect ground clearance. The steel construction allows the vehicle to scrap its way over rocks along the base, and the tree sliders protect the body panels …

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Defender Steering Guard – Frontal Protection

defender steering guard

To protect my steering linkages from damage during off-roading I installed a steering guard. A steering guard reduces the risk of damage to the Pitman arm, Drag link and steering damper, which are located at the front of the vehicle in harms way. Damaging these could see the vehicle stranded a long way from help. I chose an APT Fabrications …

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Land Rover Transfer Case Sump Upgrade

When in extreme boggings or doing lots of low range work, the Land Rover transfer case oil can overheat, which could lead to premature failure of the transfer box. I decided to install a Global Roamer finned extended capacity cooling sump for my LT230 transfer case. This unit extends the oil capacity by 500ml and adds cooling fins onto the …

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Land Rover Defender Expedition Camper conversion – Part 5

defender camper conversion

Continuing with my camper conversion, I have installed closed cell foam formshield in the rear. This was added for insulation and to act as a flat mounting surface for the marine carpet interior. Marine carpet was used as the roof lining as it is waterproof and hopefully easy to clean. Selleys Kwik Grip gel was used to glue it in …

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Defender Dual Battery System Installation

defender dual battery

In order to power my fridge and other accessories while travelling, I installed a dual battery system in my Defender using a Blue Sea Systems Automatic Charging Relay. This system is rated to 500 amps continuous. This is ample when combining batteries to jump start the vehicle from the secondary battery should the primary go flat. This unit also comes …

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Defender Engine Bay Lights Installation

I installed an LED light in my engine bay to make it easy to check over the engine at night or check my fluid levels. It’s a simple addition using plastic P clips to hold the LED strip in place. I wired it through a custom carling switch and into my secondary fuse box. If the video did not display …

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Defender Seat Rail Extensions

seat rail extensions

To make my travelling a lot more comfortable I installed a pair of Mulgo seat rail extensions in my Defender. This gives greater leg room by shifting the seat mounts back several centimetres meaning more legroom for taller drivers and increased driver height. They have really helped in reducing leg cramping during longer drives. If you are a tall driver …

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