2014 – Sundown National Park

I set off to explore Sundown National Park for a weekend trip in August of 2014. It was a chance to do a shake down trip of my newly kitted out vehicle to see what worked and what needed to be revised. Sundown is quite a rough somewhat remote place to visit. The tracks are corrugated and rocky and are typically best traveled slowly.

I visited the Red Rock Gorge lookout, Burrows waterhole camping area and completed most of the Rats Castle circuit. While driving along I began smelling a burning odour. Stoping to check a couple times I eventually tracked the smell down to my rear drivers side spring which had become dislocated and was rubbing on the inside edge of the tyre. Thankfully I found it in time avoiding any serious tyre damage. Jacking the car up I was able to nudge the spring back into place and continue on my journey.

Sundown has plenty of wildlife to see and mining and farming relics to explore, although most of the mining infrastructure is fenced off to the public.

Another successful trip.

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