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BOOK REVIEW: The Magic of Thinking Big by David J Schwartz

I’ve recently rediscovered a love of reading. Since downloading the Amazon Kindle app at the end of June I’ve purchased 52 ebooks. The great thing is I can download them instantly and read them on my smartphone and laptop wherever I am as long as I can find 3G reception to download them. No lugging more heavy books around Australia …

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Day 204 – Gawler Ranges National Park

Gawler Ranges national park

Gawler Ranges – Home of the inquisitive Emus Passing through Kimba I visit the Edward John Eyre Sculptures. Gawler Ranges National Park was a pleasant surprise on my drive in. There was actually green grass and water around. A stark change from the Flinders, bearing in mind that the Gawler Ranges are much further south closer to the coast, so …

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Day 201 – Vulkathunha Gammon Ranges National Park

Vulkathunha Gammon Ranges

Vulkathunha Gammon Ranges – A harsh dry remote landscape From the Aroona ruins in the Flinders I drive straight out to Vulkathunha Gammon Ranges National Park via The Outback Highway (Barndioota Rd) and Leigh Creek. The drive was pretty easy going with well maintained gravel roads. First night I stayed at the Italowie campgrounds. The landscape in the Gammon Ranges …

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Day 191 – Flinders Ranges National Park

Flinders Ranges

Flinders Ranges – Rich in history Escaping Adelaide I arrive in the Flinders Ranges on my 32nd birthday. Unfortunately by the afternoon I was feeling increasingly tired and unwell. I managed to get myself the flue, probably from staying a week in Adelaide backpackers. I almost never get sick unless I’m attacked by some foreign flu strain.. so my first …

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Day 174 – Adelaide


Crossing the border into South Australia I stayed a few days in the Murray River national park before heading into Adelaide. Having developed a bad gearbox oil leak my first call was to a mechanics to get some quotes on gasket replacement. I later headed to Semaphore to begin exploring. Semaphore is a beautiful little coastal suburb. I later attempted …

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Day 164 – Mungo National Park


Mungo – Home of Mungo Man & Mungo Lady I spent a night in Mildura, deciding to splurge on a pizza. As usual I found myself disappointed with the large chain stores attempt at creating a gourmet pizza. Even the chocolate pudding for desert was tasteless. I appreciate more the simple foods I’ve been eating to save money, recently rediscovering …

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Day 159 – Murray-Sunset National Park

murray-sunset national park

Murray-Sunset Mallee Country Leaving Underbool I head west along the Mallee highway towards Linga. A short drive and I crossed the railroad and hit the gravel road heading north in to Pink Lakes. These are a famous feature of Murray-Sunset national park, with a pretty interesting history. Lakes Hardy and Crosbie were two along the main road in. Despite being …

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Day 157 – Wyperfeld National Park

Wyperfeld National Park

Wyperfeld Mallee Country I spent a night in Nhill before heading towards Yaapeet, then north to the Main Entrance Rd into Wyperfeld National Park. This is Mallee country. A 4wd is a necessity to really explore the park. I began by stopping at the Wonga campgrounds to visit the information hut and explore. The Eastern Lookout was next providing excellent …

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Day 154 – Little Desert National Park

Little Desert National Park

A Desert Only In Name I spent 2 days exploring Little Desert National Park. It was a spur of the moment decision to take the drive through. The Quades Rd in gradually changed from bitumen, to gravel, then to sand. Once I reached the park boundary I pulled up and deflated my tyres ready to tackle the sandy tracks that …

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Day 150 – Grampians National Park

grampians national park

Rugged Mountains and Wild Walks Northwards I arrive at Dunkeld, the gateway to the Grampians National Park in western Victoria. I took the Grampians Tourist Rd in and began hiking up the various mountain tracks. There are plenty of stunning mountains to see and climb. Mount Sturgeon was the first I tackled, taking a good 3 hour round trip. Some …

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