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Keep River National Park

keep river national park

Keep River national park would be the last park I visited in the Northern Territory. Located on the border with Western Australia it is a small yet beautiful park with 2 campgrounds available. First I stopped off at the Ranger base and looked out the back at Cockatoo Lagoon. Most of it had dried up. The remaining birds including one …

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Judbarra / Gregory National Park

gregory national park

I took the Victoria highway west from Katherine heading towards the Western Australian border. Judbarra/ Gregory national park was a park I figured I’d stop in to see now, but it seems fate was against me. There are 2 main sections with the larger of the 2 offering several long 4wd tracks to explore the park. Unfortunately all tracks were …

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Litchfield National Park


I’d heard on the road that Litchfield National Park was better than Kakadu, so plotted a course to it from Darwin. It’s only a few hours drive South along the Stuart highway. Along the way I came across a vehicle rollover. I pulled up to see if I could assist. There were 4 other cars pulled up. One women occupant …

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Darwin Capital of the Northern Territory


Darwin – Crocodile Capital I finally make it to Darwin, the very last capital of Australia which I had not yet visited in my life. It was bigger than I expected for a town stuck really in the middle of nowhere. Although the city itself consists of a few main streets where all the shops are found, the suburbia spreads …

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Kakadu National Park


After many years of dreaming of exploring Kakadu, I finally reach it.. and it’s not quite as awesome as I expected. In fairness a wildfire had gone through in the last couple weeks and forced the closure of a few campgrounds and favourite tourist destinations. It is also the end of the dry season so everything is pretty dry and …

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BOOK REVIEW: Chasing The Scream. The first and last days of the war on drugs. Johann Hari

CHASING THE SCREAM: The first and last days of the War on Drugs. The TRUTH about AMERICA’S WAR ON DRUGS. One of the latest books I’ve read which has seriously changed my beliefs on drug addiction and addicts is Chasing the Scream by Johann Hari. The author spent 3 years of deep research studying the history of America’s drug war, …

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Flora River Nature Park

flora river

Flora River – a weekend escape close to Katherine. I took 2 days away from Katherine and drove 122km south west to Flora River Nature Park, traditional name Giwining. The last 36km of track is gravel suitable for 2wd during the dry season. This is a small park with a beautiful little quiet campground at Lurrngurl with showers and toilets. …

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Katherine Region


Heading northbound on the Stuart highway I stop in to Aileron to view the two large aboriginal sculptures. These are known as ‘Anmatjere Man’ and ‘Anmatjere women and child’. They are very impressive for their size and level of detail. Didn’t stay long but enough to grab some pics then hit the highway looking for a place to sleep. Ended …

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Arltunga Historical Reserve


Arltunga. The first town in Central Australia. After leaving Ruby Gap I pull in to Arltunga Historical Reserve. Arltunga was central Australia’s first official town founded in 1887 after gold was discovered nearby in a dry creek bed. The sudden rush of prospectors grew the population to around 300. It lasted until 1913. The town ruins are located 110km east …

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Ruby Gap Nature Park

ruby gap

I heard about Ruby Gap Nature Park while camping at Uluru. It sounded like a beautiful quiet place to retreat for a few days. I’m really glad I did. The park is located 150km east of Alice Springs. A 4wd is essential. After the gravel road in to the park boundary the internal track is the dry sandy riverbed with …

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