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Defender Day 2016 AULRO Queensland

Defender Owners Unite Defender Day 2016 was held in October near the Scenic Rim by the Australian Land Rover Owners forum ( About 50 Defenders showed up for the day along with a Series Land Rover and a Uni-mog. A great turn out at a family and dog friendly event. Various sponsors provided prizes which were randomly drawn on a …

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Defender Breakdowns While Travelling and Bush Repairs

defender breakdowns

The Importance of Spare Parts & Bush Repairs When operating any 4×4 vehicle offroad for long periods in harsh conditions, it is inevitable that something will break. Despite spending 3 years preparing my Land Rover Defender and replacing many parts in preparation for my 10 month solo trip around Australia, I still encountered issues requiring repairs. Many of these repairs …

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How much does it cost to travel around Australia?

how much does it cost to travel around australia

If you’ve wondered how much it will cost to travel around Australia by 4wd here are my expenditures after travelling solo for 304 days (10 months). I attempted to keep track of all costs though probably lost a few receipts along the way, so may have spent an extra $2000 all up. My 4wd was self sufficient for sleeping, cooking …

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Defender Expedition Camper Review of Modifications

defender expedition

A Review of my Defender Modifications after 10 months on the road. After 10 months of travelling around Australia solo, going to some pretty remote places, hitting the deserts, gravel tracks, mud and bitumen, I am very happy overall with my modifications. I spent 3 years preparing my Defender with hundreds of hours of online research, and nights and weekends …

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Final Days – The Drive Home to Brisbane


304 Days On The Road I began my drive home towards Brisbane after leaving Longreach. There wasn’t too much else I had planned to see or do. I needed to stop in to see some friends and family who live along the coast so that was what I did. On the way I stopped into Emerald, met a subscriber who …

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Day 298 – Longreach region

longreach region

Longreach has two museums that are worth stopping in to if passing through. The Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame and the QANTAS Founders museum are the town’s main drawcards. The Stockman’s Hall of Fame was established to record and honour the outback’s stockman, culture and ways of life so that they are not forgotten. I found in some ways it …

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Day 297 – Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum & Lab

age of dinosaurs

A 20 minute drive east of Winton will take you to the Australian Age of Dinosaurs museum and lab. This is where many of the dinosaur fossils found in the surrounding region come to be processed. There are two parts to the exhibit, each with their own guided tour. The museum houses the largest collection of Australian dinosaur fossils on …

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Day 296 – Lark Quarry Dinosaur Stampede

lark quarry

Lark Quarry is located 110km southwest of Winton. It has the world’s only known record of a dinosaur stampede, featuring 3300 separate footprints. The area was once a large floodplain and a lake was close by which drew the dinosaurs in to drink. The story unfolded 95 million years ago when a large dinosaur appears to have come across a …

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Day 294 – Bladensburg National Park

bladensburg national park

I continue on the Barkley highway, later turning onto the Landsborough highway towards Winton. The landscape changes from vast forested areas to a vast emptiness of grassy plains for grazing cattle. The engine watchdog comes in handy as the warning buzzer sounds several times when the engine starts getting too hot. I pull back on the throttle and let the …

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Day 292 – Mount Isa

Mount Isa

I take on the Barkly Highway early in the morning. The Barkley is 755km long so was a fairly quiet long drive through vast bushlands with only a couple petrol stations in between. There were wet season buildup fires creeping across the country. I eventually cross the border back in to my home state of Queensland, 292 days after leaving …

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