National Parks

Day 228 – Lake Eyre

lake eyre

Lake Eyre – Australia’s largest lake or largest saltpan Turning off the Oodnadatta track I head towards Lake Eyre north to the Halligan Bay campground. Lake Eyre occurs in Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre national park and is the largest lake in Australia and also the lowest point at 15 meters below sea level. It has only filled up 3 times in …

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Day 227 – Oodnadatta Track

Oodnadatta Track

Oodnadatta Track – Dust, Mound Springs and the Old Ghan Leaving Olympic Dam the signage gives me the all clear to take Borefield Rd, which eventually spits me out on the Oodnadatta track. I spotted one of the local lizards sunning on the road so was eager to pull up and say g’day. He loved showing me his big blue …

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Day 220 – Googs Track

googs track

Googs Track – 363 Dunes to Cross Waking early at 6am in Ceduna I get my gear packed ready to tackle the Googs Track. The Googs is a great little 4wd sand track with 363 dune crossings ahead of me on a 120km track. It is known as a mini Simpson Desert. The turnoff from the highway was not signposted …

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Day 204 – Gawler Ranges National Park

Gawler Ranges national park

Gawler Ranges – Home of the inquisitive Emus Passing through Kimba I visit the Edward John Eyre Sculptures. Gawler Ranges National Park was a pleasant surprise on my drive in. There was actually green grass and water around. A stark change from the Flinders, bearing in mind that the Gawler Ranges are much further south closer to the coast, so …

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Day 201 – Vulkathunha Gammon Ranges National Park

Vulkathunha Gammon Ranges

Vulkathunha Gammon Ranges – A harsh dry remote landscape From the Aroona ruins in the Flinders I drive straight out to Vulkathunha Gammon Ranges National Park via The Outback Highway (Barndioota Rd) and Leigh Creek. The drive was pretty easy going with well maintained gravel roads. First night I stayed at the Italowie campgrounds. The landscape in the Gammon Ranges …

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Day 191 – Flinders Ranges National Park

Flinders Ranges

Flinders Ranges – Rich in history Escaping Adelaide I arrive in the Flinders Ranges on my 32nd birthday. Unfortunately by the afternoon I was feeling increasingly tired and unwell. I managed to get myself the flue, probably from staying a week in Adelaide backpackers. I almost never get sick unless I’m attacked by some foreign flu strain.. so my first …

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