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Day 22 – Port Macquarie

After a week in the bush I return to civilisation to do my laundry and enjoy a hot shower. I stayed at Flynn’s Beach caravan park in Port Macquarie. This was a nice place nestled in amongst the trees. The staff were friendly and the amenities although a tad out dated were clean. Unfortunately for me the first day was …

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Day 15 – Oxley Wild Rivers and Werrikimbe National Parks

youdales hut

From Tamworth I head to a little town called Walcha where the local NSW national parks office is located. I’ve decided to explore Oxley Wild Rivers national park. I’m told Youdales hut is the most remote campsite in the park, so I must get a special permit and a gate access key. Camping is more expensive at Youdales but there …

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Day 13 – Tamworth

golden guitar

In I drive to Tamworth, the Australian capital of country music, so I was led to believe. First on my agenda was to find a battery charger to top up my deep cycle battery which is finding it hard to cope seeing my solar panel hasn’t been able to charge anything with so much cloud cover the last several days. …

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Day 11 – Glen Innes

standing stones

Departing Washpool after my four nights camping I rejoin the Gywdir highway to Glen Innes. Along the way I turn off to Raspberry Lookout which offers impressive views of various national parks nearby. Not too long after I pull in to Glen Innes for 2 nights. This town is rich in 1900’s architecture all along the main street. It’s impressive …

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Day 7 – Clarence Way to Washpool National Park

Leaving Richmond Range NP I took the Bruxner Highway passing through Tabulam and over the historic wooden bridge. Turning South onto Plains Station road led me through a few small towns and onto Clarence Way where again I found a couple turnoffs were non-existent despite my GPS and maps saying otherwise. Some later research on google maps shows the turnoffs …

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Day 5 – Lismore and Richmond Range National Park

richmond range

I departed Nimbin in the morning and decided to check out Lismore to stock up on some gear. Lismore was quite a change from all the little towns I’ve passed through since leaving Byron Bay. It is a full size city with all the fast food joints and major shopping centres you need. I stopped in to one and found …

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Day 4 – Nimbin

nimbin stars

Nimbin is known as the Cannabis capital of Australia. It’s had a bad rap over the years by the media so I wanted to go see what it’s all about. Overall I found the town to be a lot smaller than I thought. Just the main street with some tourist shops, organic food co-ops and of course the Hemp Embassy …

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Day 2 – Nightcap National Park

Nightcap National Park

After my night in Byron Bay I headed in to Nightcap National Park. Nightcap is also made up of the Whian Whian state conservation area and is where the Rummery Park campgrounds are located. From Byron the roads to Nightcap are quite windy passing through lush rainforests and cattle properties. Signage to the park is very poor. Look for signs …

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Day 1 – The Journey Begins – Byron Bay

Byron Bay easternmost point

Day 1 of my 12 month trip. I set off early from Brisbane heading South on the Pacific to Byron Bay, home of the Easternmost point of mainland Australia. I head straight to Cape Byron to stand at the Easternmost point. That’s 2 of the 4 I’ve completed.. Cape York for North and now Byron for East. The Cape Byron …

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