Defender Sill Fuel Tank Upgrade

lra defender sill tank

To increase my driving range between refueling stops I decided to install a sill tank on my Defender. From the available options I chose the Long Range Automotive 65L drivers side sill tank. I preferred the chamfered edge on this tank as it did not hang out as far as the 80L tanks also available. Long Range Automotive provided a …

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Got maps? Maps for Travelling Australia

maps for travelling australia

Got maps? To be honest I’m not a particularly great navigator.. I’ve gotten myself misplaced on a few occasions and have a poor sense of direction. Hence why I have invested in several different options in maps for travelling Australia. I’ve chosen to carry both paper and digital maps so in the event of a computer failure, flat batteries or …

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Defender Rear Door Table – My Kitchen

defender rear door fold down table

When I’m hungry I want food now! Not in 3 minutes after I’ve set up my fold out table and dug through my tucker box to locate all my utensils… so I’ve built a rear door table on my Defender to act as my instant kitchen while travelling. I started off taking measurements of the rear door and my old …

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SuperPro Poly Bushes upgrade

defender superpro poly bushes

As the majority of my suspension bushes on my Defender came with the vehicle when I bought it 8 years ago, I thought it best to renew the whole lot. Doing my research as usual I came across SuperPro branded polyurethane bushes. SuperPro is considered the best of all the poly bush manufactures. They come highly recommended by almost all …

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Defender LED Lights Upgrade – Seeing Red

Defender led lights

My original Land Rover rear brake/tail lights had did it again!.. the bulbs rattled loose leaving me with only one. I actually had 1 fella pull up beside me and yell out as he passed by. 3 times I replaced the rear lamp units hoping that I could buy higher quality made versions to solve the problem and yet to …

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The Great Sale – Ebay Time

mini morris deluxe

Yes. It’s time. Time to let it go. When did I last use that again? 1999? Mmm. Think it’s time to send it to that great big auction house online. EBAY TIME! There comes a time when possessions begin to possess us. Where what once was something of use, treasured, loved, now becomes a dead weight, consuming our energy, our …

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Oztent King Goanna Chair – Comfy As

oztent king goanna chair

Meet the Oztent King Goanna Chair. It is by far the most comfortable camp chair I’ve ever sat in. I’ve owned it for over 1 year and have been impressed by its quality construction, strength and comfort level. Gone are the days of my youth when I would go camping and use what was around me… a log, esky, rail, …

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Garmin GPSMAP 62s : Riding shotgun

Garmin GPSMAP 62s

Finding my way with the 62s During my travels I will need a way of keeping track of where I am when I find myself geographically misplaced on the paper maps (Yes I do tend to get lost.. but it adds to the adventure.. assuming of course I’m not lost in the Simpson Desert!). I’ve chosen the Garmin GPSMAP 62S …

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Wolf Pack and Gomo Storage Boxes

I’ve bought myself 2 types of tough durable ABS plastic boxes produced by Front Runner as part of my 4wd storage solution. The smaller is called a Gomo box and the larger is known as a Wolfpack or “ammo box”. Both boxes are designed to be stackable with the lids made to interlock with the base of the box above …

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Land Rover Transfer Case Sump Upgrade

When in extreme boggings or doing lots of low range work, the Land Rover transfer case oil can overheat, which could lead to premature failure of the transfer box. I decided to install a Global Roamer finned extended capacity cooling sump for my LT230 transfer case. This unit extends the oil capacity by 500ml and adds cooling fins onto the …

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