Got maps? Maps for Travelling Australia

maps for travelling australia

Got maps? To be honest I’m not a particularly great navigator.. I’ve gotten myself misplaced on a few occasions and have a poor sense of direction. Hence why I have invested in several different options in maps for travelling Australia. I’ve chosen to carry both paper and digital maps so in the event of a computer failure, flat batteries or …

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Oztent King Goanna Chair – Comfy As

oztent king goanna chair

Meet the Oztent King Goanna Chair. It is by far the most comfortable camp chair I’ve ever sat in. I’ve owned it for over 1 year and have been impressed by its quality construction, strength and comfort level. Gone are the days of my youth when I would go camping and use what was around me… a log, esky, rail, …

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Garmin GPSMAP 62s : Riding shotgun

Garmin GPSMAP 62s

Finding my way with the 62s During my travels I will need a way of keeping track of where I am when I find myself geographically misplaced on the paper maps (Yes I do tend to get lost.. but it adds to the adventure.. assuming of course I’m not lost in the Simpson Desert!). I’ve chosen the Garmin GPSMAP 62S …

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Wolf Pack and Gomo Storage Boxes

I’ve bought myself 2 types of tough durable ABS plastic boxes produced by Front Runner as part of my 4wd storage solution. The smaller is called a Gomo box and the larger is known as a Wolfpack or “ammo box”. Both boxes are designed to be stackable with the lids made to interlock with the base of the box above …

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Film gear testing

film gear testing

I spent a few days camping with friends over new years on a nice little cattle property. It provided a good opportunity to test out some of my new film gear. I’ve bought an HP Elitebook 8560w to use while I’m travelling to edit my videos of my trips for my youtube channel. Combined with a Sennheiser wireless lav microphone …

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