Longreach region

Longreach has two museums that are worth stopping in to if passing through. The Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame and the QANTAS Founders museum are the town’s main drawcards.
The Stockman’s Hall of Fame was established to record and honour the outback’s stockman, culture and ways of life so that they are not forgotten. I found in some ways it was lacking for the $32 adult entry fee. Though in fairness I’ve been to every museum and art gallery in each capital city, so most of what’s on display has already been covered in depth in the places I’ve already been. There are plenty of old wagons, rifles, rodeo and droving paraphernalia, Aboriginal history and information on the environment and feral animals.

The QANTAS Founders museum goes into great detail of the 4 founders of the airline, from its early conception, planes, staff, to more recent times. There are tours available for the Boeing 707 and 747 along with a few other planes on display. The 707 in its former life had been pimped up as a flying penthouse in an attempt to sell it to rich Arab oil barrens. Unfortunately it had been fitted with pig leather seats throughout, with pig products being forbidden to Muslims. It never sold for its 50 million pricetag.

Heading East from Longreach I came to Barcaldine, where the Tree of Knowledge is located. Beneath this tree is said to be where the early Australian Labour Party was founded. The tree is a 200 year old ghost gum. It was poisoned by vandals in 2006 and declared dead in October. Before its death clones were made in a lab which have been planted around town and one in Brisbane. It is an impressive structure that has been built around the remains.

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