Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum & Lab

A 20 minute drive east of Winton will take you to the Australian Age of Dinosaurs museum and lab. This is where many of the dinosaur fossils found in the surrounding region come to be processed. There are two parts to the exhibit, each with their own guided tour. The museum houses the largest collection of Australian dinosaur fossils on display. There were 3 types of dinosaur on display being fairly complete in sections. The display included a short video showing how these fossils were preserved, found and processed. The tour guide was also a wealth of knowledge.

Afterwards I attended the guided tour of the lab. I was the only one on the tour as it was offseason and the outside temperatures were around 40 degrees Celsius. The lab is basically a large corrugated iron shed where all the dirt and rock surrounding the bones are grinded away using small dentist like drills. It is a slow process as using a drill too big can fracture the fragile bones. They had a 10 year backlog of fossils to process along the wall. The Age of Dinosaurs is about the only place anyone can go and help process the fossils. You just need to book ahead for a place and be trained by staff. Once you are competent you can come anytime you want to work on revealing some fossils.

The displays included other fossils found in the area from other time periods such as crabs, shells and plants. They also offer the opportunity for anyone to come along on one of their dinosaur digs, but you must book in advance due to its popularity. Despite having 10 years worth of fossil backlog for processing, the Age of Dinosaurs lab is one of the fastest processing labs on earth, as anyone can come along to help out.

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