Finke Gorge National Park

Some very special palms at Finke Gorge

Finke Gorge national park is home to a unique species of palm which occurs nowhere else on earth. Its nearest relative is 1000 kilometres away at Lawn Hill in Queensland. How the Red Cabbage palm ended up in the desert centre of Australia is still a mystery. I originally was planning on doing the Boggy hole track but after reading the details on my maps it sounded like it was extremely difficult and specifically said NOT to drive solo. Thankfully I met Emma and Toby at the Uluru campgrounds who had just completed the trip and gave it the all clear “easy as”.

Departing Kings Canyon I take the turnoff onto Ernest Giles Road and once again take the pounding of the gravel road corrugations. I saw my first heard of wild camels crossing the road. They seem quite happy with their new home here in Australia.

The Boggy Hole track turnoff appeared and eventually I make it to Finke Gorge national park. The tracks were really easy. It seemed that in some places deep soft sand was the major issue, but at this point in time it was easy going. There were plenty of other cars in convoy on the track. I spent the night camped at Boggy Hole campground by a beautiful section of river.

Day 2 and I hit the track again without worry. The track spits me out at Hermannsburg, an aboriginal community. From there access to the second section of Finke Gorge and the Palm Valley is accessible. This track was also easy. I spent two nights at the Palm Valley campgrounds.

After a good days rest I headed in early to complete the Palm Valley walk. This is a 5km loop through some beautiful country with the endemic Red Cabbage palms the centre of attention.

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