Alice Springs

Arriving in Alice Springs I check wikicamps and discover the Road Transport Hall of Fame. A modest entry fee of around $15 will give you access to a very impressive collection of cars, trucks, busses and industrial equipment. There were even a few Land Rovers for me to enjoy.
Many of the early vehicles have been fully restored and are a pleasure to admire for their simplicity and curvy beauty. There is a library as well filled with thousands of manuals, books and magazines. I was too overwhelmed with information to read much of it. The Ghan railway museum was next door as well but I didn’t have much interest in trains.

The next day I visited the Alice Springs Desert Park. There are several displays here of native wildlife including some very rare endangered species. The park is quite well set out with several habitat areas to give you a glimpse of the varied flora of the region. I attended a few of the talks by the animal handlers which was entertaining and educational. I also tried some real bush tucker at one of the talks. Some of it was really nice. By early afternoon most of the visitors had left the park as the temperatures were around 40 degrees Celsius. I managed 2:30pm when I’d had enough and didn’t have the strength to read about or look at any more wildlife.

Anzac Hill is in town and offers a great view of Alice. The town is buffeted by the large ranges in the background. The town centre has all the typical stores as anywhere but several Aboriginal art shops as well. Many of the local aboriginals can be found offering their own paintings on street corners or in parks. As Alice Springs is the 3rd largest town in the Northern Territory it’s quite a bustling community despite being 1500km from the next nearest major town. It is the tourist gateway to the red centre.

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