Top 10 National Parks in New South Wales

After a lot of roaming I’ve created a list of the top 10 national parks in New South Wales to visit. These are my personal favourites and offer excellent bushwalking, camping or scenery. A NSW Parks Pass is required for vehicles to enter many of the parks below and camping fees are payable for some. Get your pass, 2 months off work and hit the road to explore these gems. Click the links for each park to visit my more in depth blog posts.
In no particular order they are:

• Kosciuszko National Park
Kosciuszko has vast open landscapes to enjoy complete with wild brumbies. It is loaded with relics from the gold mining and pastoral days. Take a dip in the thermal pools, a constant 27 degrees or drive up Charlotte’s Pass to admire Mount Kosciuszko.

Nichols Gorge walking track
Nichols Gorge walking track

• Blue Mountains National Park
The Blue Mountains named for the blue tinge from eucalyptus oils in the atmosphere is a tourist mecca but still beautiful to enjoy. To get away from the crowds put on your boots and hit one of the many bushwalks available.

blue mountains
•  Wollemi National Park – Glow Worm Tunnel
Wollemi national park is home to the Wollemi Pine, the ancient species of tree that lived among the dinosaurs. There are some good remote bushwalks to be enjoyed here but my favourite is exploring the Glow worm tunnel. This former train tunnel has been colonized by glow worms which makes for a beautiful show.

glow worm tunnel
• Cathedral Rock National Park
A small park but with an enjoyable bushwalking opportunity to climb to the summit of Cathedral Rock.

Cathedral Rock NP (6)
• New England National Park
New England makes the list due to the beauty of the Thungutti campgrounds. Nearly every tree is covered in hanging moss, ferns or lichen, making it a photographers paradise.

New England NP
• Mount Kaputar National Park
The pink slugs of Mount Kaputar are quite beautiful, only coming out during wet weather. Facilities are excellent and the main campgrounds are smallish so crowd size is limited. Be sure to visit Sawn Rocks and snap some photos.

mount kaputar np (25)
• Warrumbungle National Park
There are exceptional hiking opportunities in the Warrumbungles. Camp Blackman has very good facilities.

Warrumbungle (9)
• Oxley Wild Rivers and Werrikimbe National Parks
The Youdales campgrounds are my favourite campgrounds in Oxley Wild Rivers. A somewhat remote camp limited to several vehicles at any one time. Accessible by 4wd only. Bookings essential. I ended up having 3 days alone by the brook in absolute peace.

youdales hut
• Nightcap National Park
Nightcap has 5 different entrances to different sections of the park. There is no road through the park which joins them all together so pick the right road depending on what you want to see. Two beautiful waterfalls occur in Nightcap including Minion Falls which is a 100m drop waterfall, and Protester Falls, stunning for its surrounding lush rainforest.

Nightcap National Park
• Mungo National Park
Mungo is home to the remains of Mungo Man and Mungo Lady, the 40000 year old ancient Aboriginal Australians. There are also plenty of extinct megafauna bones which have been found. Marvel at the dry lakes which 15000 years ago were once teaming with life, but now just dry depressions.


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