Great Ocean Road

Cruising the GOR

Departing Melbourne in the morning I headed west towards the Great Ocean Road. It is quite famous due to its beauty, being a coastal road with stunning views of our sandstone cliffs being pounded by wild waves. Unlucky for me the weather had turned and it would be 3 days of wind and showers with the occasional sun peeping through. Constructed by returned soldiers from WW1, it was built to connect all the coastal towns and provide a tourism opportunity.

Driving through Geelong I begin taking turnoffs for various views and features. These were the Split Point lighthouse, Great Ocean Road memorial arch, Teddy’s lookout, Erskine falls, Cape Otway, the Twelve Apostles, Loch Ard gorge, London Bridge, and many others I’ve already forgotten the names of. In retrospect, I should have purchased the later model Nikon camera that came with the built in GPS. At the time I thought it was a useless feature, but now with hundreds of photos from along the GOR I can’t remember exactly where each was taken except for the well known features. All up it took me 4 days to complete the road free camping each night. It is a beautiful road with awesome views of the ocean and forest.

The best things to see were of course the 12 Apostles and the nearby Loch Ard gorge. The trip ended in Warrnambool. After all those beautiful little coastal towns Warrnambool hits you with McDonalds, KFC, Harvey Norman etc.. in the first kilometre. Back to civilisation!
From Warrnambool I took a trip out to Cape Bridgewater. I read there was another seal colony to see, and this time on the mainland, unlike Seal Rocks on Phillip island where I could only make out blips in the distance. A day trip was well worth it. I visited the petrified forest, which was actually not a forest but geological formations, and I saw a good dozen wild seals playing in the waves off the Cape. Their favourite game was to swim up the waves and catapult themselves 360 degrees in the air. Two species of fur seal occur here being the Australian and New Zealand species.

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