Snowy River Victoria

Leaving Jindabyne I head south down Barry Way through the southern section of Kosciusko National Park. I spent a few nights camped at Jacobs River beside a beautiful flowing creek. A little further on and I catch my first glimpse of the once mighty Snowy River. This is now a trickle of its former self as much of the water is now diverted by the Snowy Hydro Electric Scheme, being used for irrigation and power generation. Continuing down I come to the border. Nothing too special but a rock and a sign. This crossing marked my 100 days on the road. Ended up spending a little longer than planned in NSW but I did lose a good couple weeks due to bad weather where I was forced to bunker down in a caravan park or campgrounds and wait it out.

There are a few free campground along this section so I stopped in to take a look. Quite a few on the river.

Not long after the border crossing 4×4 tracks began appearing off the side of the main road. I took a couple, the first being Sandy Creek track. This started out ok then I began driving up a hill which got pretty steep. Got a little worried but really had to keep going up as a safe turnaround was non existent. I walked the next 100m section, and decided to lower my tyre pressures down to 20psi all round. In low range first I crawled up with ease. The video makes it look easy but this was quite a steep slope! In the past I’ve been stuck on much less but thanks to my new tyres I’m having no problems.

I eventually turned off Barry way and took Bonang-Gelantipy road which was going to take me in toward Snowy River national park. Stopping at Little River Falls I saw another 4wd track which led me to the Rocky Range track and a decent lookout over Alpine and Snowy river national parks. The brush was a little thick so I had to climb up on my bonnet to get a good view.

I camped my first night in Victoria at Little River Junction. Drove up to a mountain top the next morning where I could get internet access. Another beautiful view to enjoy while updating my facebook status.

Next morning I continue on passing over McKillops Bridge which is the longest example of a timber deck metal truss bridge in Victoria.

This night I camped at Deddick River campgrounds. The only person there. Next day along the road I stop in to visit the Ambyne suspension Bridge. This is one of two surviving Victorian suspension bridges built around the 1930’s. It had a gross vehicle load of around 3 tonnes. Just enough to fit my fully laden Defender across. These days a sign reads “20 people max on bridge at any one time”.

I decided to take a drive in to Snowy River NP. The roads in the northern section become impassable after a little rain and I’d had light showers each day, so I continued on down Bonang Road till I found a suitable gravel sealed track and drove in to Waratah Flat campground. Much of the area had been burnt due to a wildfire in 2014 so there wasn’t too much wildlife around. Again camping alone the silence was quite deafening. The drive out through the morning was through dense mist which blanketed the mountain. Very beautiful. There were a lot more tracks I would have loved to explore but they will have to wait till another trip.

I finally came to Orbost staying at the Orbost caravan park for 3 nights to catch up on some study and enjoy a hot shower. I walked the main street in 20 minutes. Not too much there but has a fairly thriving community. For once I really enjoyed the music playing in the local independent grocery store…. they were playing Duelling Banjos from Deliverance!! Maybe I’m a step closer to seeing some real cowboys after all!.. or maybe some rednecks…

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Brett is a film maker, hiker, adventurer and Defender owner. He loves the outdoors and feels most at home travelling remote outback places in Australia. The idea of waiting till retirement to begin exploring Australia is not the path Brett has chosen, instead choosing to live life now. Join him on his adventures.

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