Phillip Island & National Vietnam Veterans Museum

From San Remo I cross the bridge over onto Phillip Island.

This is a popular tourist destination for seeing wild penguins and seals. Unfortunately strong winds had picked up during the night and were blasting the coast. Despite this I headed straight across the island to Point Grant at The Nobbies. One and a half kilometres offshore from here is Seal Rocks. This is home to 16,000 fur seals during peak breeding season, one of the largest colonies in Australia. From the shore they are impossible to see without binoculars or telephoto lens. Using my Nikon 55-300mm lens on full camera resolution I could see the shapes of the seals basking on the rocks. Not exactly a life changing experience, but if anyone asks I can at least say I’ve seen wild fur seals!

The boardwalk around The Nobbies is free, and there are numerous wooden boxes which provide homes for the resident penguins. The coastline is made of jagged rocks which are pounded hard by the incoming waves.

Working back along the coast I stopped in to a few beaches and did a quick stop in to the Penguin Parade carpark. This is the place to go to see wild penguins returning at night from their day of hunting. I was thinking of doing the tour till I found out the average night can have 3000 tourists snapping away with their cameras at $23.80 for each adult.. Would pretty much destroy the experience for me. Close by is Swan Lake. This is being revegetated from farmland. Plenty of ducks around and 2 bird hides are provided.

Pyramid Rock provided more beautiful coastal views.

I found an awesome little place called the Rhyll Trout and Bush Tucker Farm. Adult entry was $9.90 which lets you have a go at catching your very own trout from the well-stocked ponds. I didn’t bother with the fishing but the rest of the farm is filled with Australian bush tucker plants. I did the walk around and read all the info plaques and learnt a few new plants. Might come in handy if I break down and need to survive. The café has plenty of bush tucker infused meals to choose from as well as trout and chips.

Working back towards San Remo I saw the large shed for the National Vietnam Veterans Museum. This is just off Phillip Island Rd on Veterans Drive. Adult entry was $15. The museum had accumulated some pretty big machinery to display including a Cobra, Huey and Sioux helicopters, a few planes, Centurion tank and a couple Land Rover 2A’s. It was a great eye opener to see some of the gear our soldiers had to fight with in jungle conditions along with reading their stories. Visit their website here: National Vietnam Veterans Museum

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