In I drive to Tamworth, the Australian capital of country music, so I was led to believe. First on my agenda was to find a battery charger to top up my deep cycle battery which is finding it hard to cope seeing my solar panel hasn’t been able to charge anything with so much cloud cover the last several days. After that a little searching led me to the Big Golden Guitar, Tamworth’s famous icon. This is also where the tourist info centre is located along with a gift shop, wax museum and café. Enquiring at the info centre I was basically told there’s not really much to see or do in Tamworth. There was a hunting expo on that weekend and that’s about it. Being late in the afternoon and eager to top up my battery I stopped in at the City Lights caravan park just up the road from the Golden Guitar. I was given a special rate of $30 for a powered site that night and the following $25 for an unpowered site.

Morning came again and off I went to the Tamworth Regional Entertainment Centre to see the hunting expo. Honestly I thought it pretty dismal when compared to gunshows at Brisbane. Not even a single rifle on display. Some nice 4wd buggies and stuffed exotic animals on display summed it up.

Being Sunday not much else was open so I headed in to the town centre and walked the streets looking at a few of the older buildings that remain from the early 1900’s. The best one to see is the old Tamworth Municipal Electric Showroom. This housed the generators used to power Australia’s first ever electric street lighting. While driving I saw signs to a Marsupial Park up on a mountain. This was free entry and had birds, emus and kangaroos, BBQ’s and a playground. Pretty basic but helped pass the day. Several streets over led me to the Tamworth Lookout offering a pretty awesome vista of Tamworth and its surrounds. A nice way to finish up the day.

Honestly for all the hype I was expecting there to be country people walking round with buskers singing country music in the streets. In reality a big guitar and a few bronze statues and plaques in the main street. Although I was told by some locals that in January the town comes to life for the annual Tamworth Country Music Festival. Guess someday will have to make it back to Tamworth so I can see it in action.

My original plan from here was to head further inland to explore Mt Kaputar national park, though unfortunately it is closed this week for planned burns. I’ve made the decision to head back towards the coast and explore some national parks there and the coastal towns then loop back around out to Mt Kaputar in a couple weeks.


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Brett is a film maker, hiker, adventurer and Defender owner. He loves the outdoors and feels most at home travelling remote outback places in Australia. The idea of waiting till retirement to begin exploring Australia is not the path Brett has chosen, instead choosing to live life now. Join him on his adventures.

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