Overlander Meet up

I received an invite on Wednesday while in Hat Head from Daniel Fluckiger from Expedition Centre. He and Martin Solms were hosting an Overlander’s meet up staring the Aussie Overlanders who travelled throughout Australia, Africa and Europe in a kitted out Troopy.
So I packed up my gear and took a drive down to Sydney to attend. There were several well kitted out overlanding vehicles there from a bunch of very experienced travellers.
The afternoon was quite enjoyable and I caught a glimpse of what I’m in for once I reach South Australia and the Territory. Kirsty and Gareth gave a great overview of their big adventure. Their blog is www.aussieoverlanders.com.au
Here’s some pics of the cars!

About Brett

Brett is a film maker, hiker, adventurer and Defender owner. He loves the outdoors and feels most at home travelling remote outback places in Australia. The idea of waiting till retirement to begin exploring Australia is not the path Brett has chosen, instead choosing to live life now. Join him on his adventures.

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