Land Rover Defender Expedition Camper conversion – Part 6

My Defender Expedition Camper

Defender Expedition camper

The final part of my Land Rover Defender Expedition Camper conversion is complete. It has been almost exactly 3 years since I began working on my car in preparation for my 12 month trip around Australia. I didn’t have any real plan when I started, just some ideas. The Defender however has come along very well into something that’s comfortable, reliable and sufficiently capable off road. I’ve learnt alot in those 3 years how my car is put together. My mechanical knowledge and skills have greatly increased and i’m a lot more prepared to give something a go should the need arise.

In this last video I installed a bonnet tyre mount and bonnet latches. To keep my second battery topped up while running my fridge a 130w roof mounted solar panel with 20 amp Sunsaver regulator was added along with 10 watt LED flood lights. An added shovel holder incorporated into the mounts used Quikfist rubber clamps. In order to install a winch I was forced to buy a new (second hand) TJM winch bulbar and mounted a chinese made 12000lb winch with Dyneema rope. I’m hoping the winch won’t fail on me.. though I couldn’t really afford a more expensive brand.

For added vehicle protection an APT Fabrications steering guard, Mulgo side rails and a Sensatyre tyre monitor were installed. To increase vehicle range I added a 65L Long Range Automotive sill tank with y-filler this giving me 185 litres of diesel in total. Unladen this is about an 1800km range. Fully loaded to 3 tonnes it is more like a 1400km range.

For comfort a side awning, rear door fold down table, interior curtains and a rear bed platform were installed. This means I can sleep in the car if necessary or in my tent. For long range communications I installed a Codan HF radio and have subscribed to the VKS-737 HF 4WD network. This has a range of at least 2500km. New Koni Raid 90 shocks and HD front springs along with a new Ashcroft Transmissions gearbox and transfer case were added to improve ride and reliability.

I had a Detroit Truetrac differential installed in the rear axle. This is a type of limited slip diff using gears instead of clutch plates, so requires no maintenance. It will aid in traction by transfering 3.5 times more torque to the wheel with most traction thus helping to keep the vehicle moving forward.

Detroit Truetrac

So 3 years of hard work most weekends and who knows how many $$$$.. It’s done and ready to tackle whatever Australia has to throw at it!



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Brett is a film maker, hiker, adventurer and Defender owner. He loves the outdoors and feels most at home travelling remote outback places in Australia. The idea of waiting till retirement to begin exploring Australia is not the path Brett has chosen, instead choosing to live life now. Join him on his adventures.

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