Trip Preparation Update 2

While checking my wheel bearings I find I need all new rotors, so currently awaiting the order to arrive. Boxes are still being packed and repacked trying to fit everything in in the most efficient way. All oils and filters have been changed ready for departure.

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Brett is a film maker, hiker, adventurer and Defender owner. He loves the outdoors and feels most at home travelling remote outback places in Australia. The idea of waiting till retirement to begin exploring Australia is not the path Brett has chosen, instead choosing to live life now. Join him on his adventures.

2 thoughts on “Trip Preparation Update 2”

  1. Thankyou Brett,
    I have really enjoyed watching all of your progress on the Landy & I wish you a fantastic adventure !
    I have a 2009 Defender 110 and have made many improvements over the last 2 years. More to come depending on the finances. I like comparing your ideas with my own and doing most of the work myself.
    I am sure you will agree, it gives you a great sense of satisfaction and you get to know your vehicle inside & out which is very important, especially with remote travel. One of my main concerns is the heap of electronics in these modern vehicles . Something that you fortunately don’t have to deal with. I have purchased a good diagnostic tool and am trying to learn as much as possible about this side of things. So much to learn ! I love travelling the outback and hopefully one day our paths may cross.
    Anyway Brett, keep up the good work & enjoy that Defender.
    All the best, John

    1. Thanks John. Glad my work has been of value to you. Indeed I do feel a lot more confident while travelling knowing my vehicle in depth. Has helped pick up a few issues which would probably see others stuck on the side of the road. Take care in your travels. Brett

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