Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac Tyres

Goodyear Duratrac = Awesome

After much research reading endless reviews and watching videos I decided to fit a set of Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac tyres for my around Australia trip. These are a little more aggressive then an all-terrain but not as much as a full mud tyre. They are considered a 70% off-road to 30% on-road split compared to my previous all-terrains which are more like a 50/50 split. I decided to change down my tyre size from the previous 265/75/16 to a standard 235/85/16.

goodyear duratrac and silent armorGoodyear Duratracs on the left in 235/85/16 and my old Goodyear Silent Armor in 265/75/16.

This I believe has really improved vehicle handling and off-road performance as well as reduced stress on the driveline. For an underpowered engine like my 200tdi having a wider tyre can mean greater rolling resistance requiring the engine to do more work to get moving. Since changing down sizes I feel a lot more zippy starting off and offroad I no longer feel like a fat pig wallowing in mud. A good article on the age old narrow vs. wide tyre debate can be found here: Tire selection for expedition travel

After a weekend camping trip to Sundown National Park, I feel pretty confident these Duratrac tyres were the right choice. They performed exceptionally well. I was crawling up and down hills with ease.

Tyre specs can be found at Goodyear’s site here: Goodyear Duratracs

goodyear wrangler duratrac

If the video did not display above you can watch it here:

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