Defender Steering Guard – Frontal Protection

To protect my steering linkages from damage during off-roading I installed a steering guard. A steering guard reduces the risk of damage to the Pitman arm, Drag link and steering damper, which are located at the front of the vehicle in harms way. Damaging these could see the vehicle stranded a long way from help.

I chose an APT Fabrications Defender Steering Guard as it is a quality Australian made and owned product and priced reasonably when compared to many of the British imports. All the necessary bolts are included in the kit. The guard can be purchased from

Installation was fairly easy taking me a couple hours with the fitting problems I had due to my non-standard recovery hooks.

defender steering guard

If the video did not display above you can watch it here:

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Brett is a film maker, hiker, adventurer and Defender owner. He loves the outdoors and feels most at home travelling remote outback places in Australia. The idea of waiting till retirement to begin exploring Australia is not the path Brett has chosen, instead choosing to live life now. Join him on his adventures.

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