Defender Sill Fuel Tank Upgrade

To increase my driving range between refueling stops I decided to install a sill tank on my Defender. From the available options I chose the Long Range Automotive 65L drivers side sill tank. I preferred the chamfered edge on this tank as it did not hang out as far as the 80L tanks also available.

lra defender sill fuel tank

Long Range Automotive provided a complete kit with everything I would need to install the tank such as nuts, bolts, hoses, fuel transfer pump, fuel gauge and filler. I didn’t like the filler provided as it would mean cutting a large hole in the side of my truck and it was a little too low down for my liking. Geting bogged in deep water would immerse the fuel filler and I perceived a risk of my tank taking in water.

So to combat this I had my original Land Rover fuel filler modified into a Y filler. This allows me to fill both tanks from the original filler point.

defender fuel fillerdefender dual filler






defender y filler

Installation was pretty straightforward, although time consuming. My biggest issue was the tank’s fuel sender fowled on my floor panel so I had to add 6mm spaces to lower the tank down to clear and allow the tank to bolt up level. This unfortunately means the tank now sits about 6mm below the chassis rail.

lra defender sill tankdefender fuel tank

I added an extra filter before the fuel pump for protection.

lra fuel tank pump

The included combination fuel gauge/fuel pump transfer switch.

lra fuel gauge

The additional 65 litres combined with my primary 120 litre tank gives a total fuel capacity of 185L. With my 200tdi engine averaging around 10km/L on road that’s about an 1800km range. Once everything was fitted I filled the tank and took a trip to get the tank compliance plated.


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