Oztent King Goanna Chair – Comfy As

Meet the Oztent King Goanna Chair. It is by far the most comfortable camp chair I’ve ever sat in. I’ve owned it for over 1 year and have been impressed by its quality construction, strength and comfort level. Gone are the days of my youth when I would go camping and use what was around me… a log, esky, rail, or someone else’s unused chair. My butt took a hiding in those days.. but now this chair comes with me on every camp trip, party or park BBQ.

A few quick reasons why I love this chair.

oztent king goanna chair

It comes with a built in head rest which allows me to completely relax my neck. I can also fall asleep easily without the worry of snapping my neck back.

oztent king goanna chair

The headrest comes with a storage pouch to contain the chair’s carry bag. This can also be used to add padding to improve head comfort.

oztent king goanna chair

There is a built in lumber support which really helps support the lower back. Great for anyone with back issues.

oztent king goanna chair

And finally it comes with TWO side pouches containing a pouch and drink holder.

This is one chair I would highly recommend. 🙂  My chair of choice for roaming the outback!

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