Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide – The 4×4 Bible

The Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide by Tom Sheppard from Desert Winds Publishing is the ultimate guide to expedition travel preparation. This book has been a really great aid during my planning phase and for determining what modifications are worthwhile for my Land Rover Defender and what I shouldn’t bother with.

It is filled with lots of detail and even some maths to work out various logistical requirements. It is one book I highly recommend, whether you’re planning the Big Trip or just taking your 4×4 out on weekends, you will find something useful in it.

Four-by-four Driving is another good book which compliments VDEG.

From Edition 4 onwards Jonathan Hanson has joined VDEG as a co-author adding even more value. Edition 4.1 is now available as a mid-2017 update.

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