Land Rover Defender Gullwing Door Installation

Growing wings : Defender Gullwing Doors

To improve the access into the rear storage area in my Defender 110 wagon, I added a pair of  gullwing doors. These new glass type allow for over the shoulder checks while driving and allow more light inside then the previously only available all steel type.

Installation was an easy 1 hour job per window that anyone could do as the doors are complete units.
defender gullwing door installation defender gullwing door installation defender gullwing door installation

I later added 2 ex-army Land Rover storage boxes I found on eBay which allowed quick access to urgently required gear without having to open the rear door and unpack boxes.

gullwing window box gullwing window box landrover army box

If the video did not display above you can watch it here:

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