Defender Upgraded Intercooler Installation

To improve off road and highway handling I installed an uprated double core intercooler from Allisport as my Defender was getting a little on the sluggish side.

allisport defender upgraded intercooler allisport defender upgraded intercooler

The installation was quite easy though the radiator surround frame needed to be modified slightly to allow for the greater depth of the Allisport intercooler.

allisport intercooler installationDefender allisport intercooler

I had my Defender professionally dyno tuned which included having the fuel and boost settings adjusted. As a result EGT’s were reduced by approximately 100 degrees Celsius during demanding driving.

defender dyno tuned

The 200tdi Uprated Double Core Intercooler promoted an 80% increase in surface area which Allisport claimed “The greater cooling capacity will allow up to 27% increase in power and torque in the lower and mid-range revs and improved throttle response”. My results prove this to be an accurate claim.

I gained 15hp with the upgraded intercooler and correct tuning. It was well worth the expense. It’s like driving a new car. I can drive some hills in 4th gear where previously had to change down to 3rd. 🙂

If the video did not display above you can watch it here:

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