Defender Engine Bay Lights Installation

I installed an LED light in my engine bay to make it easy to check over the engine at night or check my fluid levels. It’s a simple addition using plastic P clips to hold the LED strip in place.

I wired it through a custom carling switch and into my secondary fuse box.

defender engine bay lights

If the video did not display above you can watch it here:

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  1. Hi Brett, where do you buy those labeled daystar switches? sfr.

  2. Shannon Rinehart

    Hi Brett,

    Where did you find the LED stips at? And what extra would be involved to add one on the other side too?


  3. Thanks Brett,

    Also, what is the make and model of the fuse box? I can’t quite make it out in the video.

  4. Shannon Rinehart

    Hi Bret,

    In one of your upgrade videos. You installed 2 ex-military boxes in the back of your rover. Can you recommend any place to find these? I have looked all over and found one place in the UK that makes them but they don’t ship them. Isn’t that crazy?
    Anyway thanks for all your help!!


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